Music at the Monument is a concert series held at the Sylvan Theatre, next to the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.  The concert series brings an opportunity to improve access for minority populations who use infrequently our National Parks and Monuments, as well as other priority populations (veterans, youth and seniors).  

The musical jam sessions feature both local and national performing artists that encourage diverse populations to come to the National Mall.  While enjoying the performances, concert goers are able to access to information provided by nonprofits or businesses for health and wellness, community services, and park recreation and preservation.  

We encourage nonprofits and organizations that promote health and wellness to participate in the concerts, by performing outreach during the performances.  Over the past years, we have had youth organizations (e.g. Words, Beats, Life), health and wellness (e.g. MedStar, Cancer Promotions, Young Stroke), military benefit organizations (e.g. VA for Vets, Wounded Warriors), and National Parks (e.g. Healthy Parks, Healthy People, Park Rx, and the NPCA) among others.

We welcome other groups promoting health and wellness education to come to our 2018 concerts.  Please contact Judy at jax@musicatthemonument.com.

NPCA Native Americans IHS HealthyP-Healthy People Elementary School Choir Park RX NPS Cancer Charity Young Stroke2 Young Stroke Young Stroke Charity Wash MedStar WA MedStar VA for Vets